Wireless Network Testing

Understand and remediate the risks in your wireless infrastructure

Reliance acsn’s Wireless Network Testing highlights where you are at risk from unauthorised users who can hijack your wireless signals – and the data they carry. Testing is performed on your organisation’s premises – right where your networks originate, operate, and invite compromise.

The unique value in our Wireless Network Testing

  • Expert consultants, attacker mindset – Our consultants combine expertise, experience and inside knowledge to manually and painstakingly replicate the actions of a real attacker – and show you where your hidden wireless weaknesses lie.
  • Comprehensive, on-site investigation – As well as testing for vulnerability to unauthorised devices and users, our consultants inspect the entire site for signal bleed outside your buildings, and rogue access points within them.
  • Transparent, actionable output – Findings are presented in a Wireless Network Report, with an honest assessment of the risks and clear next steps.
  • Tackles a growing threat trend – Some 72% of UK companies’ data breaches occurred via their wireless network, according to recent research.