Vulnerability Assessment

Detect the weaknesses that help attackers

Reliance acsn’s Vulnerability Assessment service finds attack paths into your organisation and mitigates those that carry the most risk, across a plethora of different systems, software, and hardware. Automated, requiring no human input from your teams, it tracks issues across your infrastructure, and produces reporting that clearly prioritises remediation actions.

The unique value in our Vulnerability Assessment

  • Our experts do the work, not you. It’s not only set-up and automation that are handled by our team; we apply our analytical expertise to sharpen the outputs, too. And all remotely.
  • Comprehensive vulnerability detection – Scans for all new and existing vulnerabilities, including insecure file permissions, application-level bugs, backdoor and Trojan horse installations, vulnerable protocols, ports and network services, and much more.
  • Flexible and unintrusive – Uses powerful detection framework tools, including Qualys and Nessus, that can be scheduled to run within or outside working hours, to suit your routine.
  • Defends against one of the top attack vectors – Over 60% of UK breaches in 2020 involved software vulnerabilities, according to CSO Online.