Service Hardening

Reduce attack vectors, condense the attack surface

Reliance acsn’s Service Hardening radically reduces attackers’ opportunities to gain a foothold in your IT systems. It identifies attack vectors such as non-essential programs, functions, applications, ports, permissions, access, and more, which can all be subverted to do an attacker’s bidding – and closes them down to reduce your overall attack surface.

The unique value in our Service Hardening

  • Comprehensive, expert audit – We provide experienced, highly qualified security experts to forensically identify and analyse configurations that expose your organisation to security risk.
  • We focus on your business priorities– We concentrate Service Hardening on platforms or services that carry genuine business risk, so that what is of greatest value to you is much harder for an attacker to exploit.
  • Eradicates organisation-wide risk – The latest software configuration tools enable us to quickly identify master image hardening errors that propagate risk throughout your organisation.
  • Cost-effective, rapid, scalable – Protects many hundreds of servers and workstations in one deployment, from one hardened master image.