Internal Infrastructure Testing

Find and remediate vulnerabilities to make the attacker’s life more difficult

Reliance acsn’s Internal Infrastructure Penetration Testing identifies internal vulnerabilities in your organisation that make it easier for attackers, once on your network, to reach their objectives. We use the attackers’ own methods to probe where weaknesses lie, and produce actionable findings to improve your security posture – as well as satisfy compliance-related testing requirements.

The unique value in our Internal Infrastructure Testing

  • We help you make life harder for attackers – By escalating access and privileges like an attacker would, we highlight where an attack could potentially move laterally within your network to compromise other hosts and endpoints through vulnerabilities or weak configuration / misconfiguration.
  • We test beyond infrastructure – We don’t just probe infrastructure weaknesses (DNS vhosts, TCP/UDP port scanning, service version enumeration, domain compromise) – we validate the security of the software you are running, too, using vulnerability scanning.
  • When we spot it, we prove it – When we detect a vulnerability, we exploit it under controlled conditions to understand exactly how to defend against the harm it could inflict.
  • Human expertise, cutting-edge tech – Together with powerful, specialist vulnerability scanning tools like Nessus and Qualys, our experts manually verify the findings and extensively research publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, to produce comprehensive, actionable outputs.