External Infrastructure Testing

Understand how attackers use your external infrastructure against you

Reliance acsn’s External Infrastructure testing assesses your internet-facing infrastructure for vulnerabilities that can then be addressed to reduce your organisation’s attack surface. We simulate attacks to reveal weaknesses in external-facing assets (firewalls, routers, web servers etc.), preventing further penetration and helping you fulfil compliance-related testing requirements.

The unique value in our External Infrastructure Testing

  • We see what the attacker sees – Testing is done from the internet, in real-world conditions, so we see you exactly as an attacker would. No simulations or guesswork – just a target!
  • We test beyond infrastructure – We don’t just probe infrastructure weaknesses (DNS vhosts, TCP/UDP port scanning, service version enumeration) – we validate the security of the software you are running, too, using vulnerability scanning.
  • When we spot it, we prove it – When we detect a vulnerability, we exploit it under controlled conditions to understand exactly how you can defend against the harm it could inflict.
  • Human expertise, cutting-edge tech – Together with powerful, specialist vulnerability scanning tools like Nessus and Qualys, our experts manually verify the findings and extensively research publicly disclosed vulnerabilities, to produce comprehensive, actionable outputs.