Build Review

Address weaknesses before they spread across your estate

Reliance acsn’s Build Review ensures that the master image used to configure your servers, workstations, and other network infrastructure does not propagate security vulnerabilities to all of them! This saves you the time, effort, expense and risk of separately fixing each security issue or misconfiguration post-deployment.

The unique value in our Build Review

  • We test your builds regularly to ensure that security standards are being maintained, and no vulnerability is being introduced into an image prior to any deployment.
  • Patches and third-party software – Patch analysis identifies missing operating system patches which may result in compromise, and third-party software is reviewed to ensure currency.
  • We harden your server environment by assessing server configurations for security weaknesses and suggesting improvements to close security gaps or to make life harder for attackers.
  • We’re all over the hardware too, since issues identified on the hardware type (e.g. a particular model of laptop) can potentially affect all similar devices across the network.