Penetration Testing

We hit you everywhere so your attackers won’t

Reliance acsn’s comprehensive approach to penetration testing delivers more value than traditional methods. We thoroughly replicate the latest attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) across web, mobile and internal infrastructure, providing you with the results required to improve the security of your organisation.

The unique value in our Penetration Testing

  • You get the full hacker mindset – We approach testing like an attacker would, using the most current TTPs to test the efficacy of security controls across both your external and internal infrastructure.
  • We don’t stand still – We identify and prioritise where testing should be focused and refocused to achieve minimum risk at maximum ROI.
  • We protect web app and mobile productivity– We take a risk-based approach to testing your web application and mobile security across your estate. Based on the processes performed and the data managed, we test appropriately to help you mitigate risk and improve security.
  • Wi-fi is on our radar too – We find ways to access your wi-fi networks and the sensitive information they contain, and provide you with findings to support remediation and security posture improvement.