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Cyber security is always a people problem

Your biggest cybersecurity problem is your employees. There are always people who will click on phishing emails, no matter how much training you do. In this 3 minute video Reliance ACSN’s CTO and Commercial Director, Robin Vann, explains why we partner with Menlo – a cutting edge isolation platform which stops any phishing attack in […]

After Apprenticeship Week, a cybersec apprentice speaks out
In early March 2019, the UK Government officially celebrated the benefits of apprenticeships to individuals, employers and the economy, in National Apprenticeship Week. Reliance acsn is proud to support this important route into professional education, training and employment for young people, and our apprentices are proud to be here, too. We interviewed one of our [...]
Hybrid MSP trends: Why European businesses are partnering with MSS Providers to improve the effectiveness of their IT security

In the face of WannaCry, NotPetya and numerous other high-profile data breaches, European businesses are seriously evaluating how they manage their cyber security. Businesses are looking for services that succeed in safeguarding critical data, but work across all the business and IT needs. There are still barriers to overcome and buyers will remain to be […]

When will cybersecurity become invisible and painless?

The Holy Grail of cyber security is that one day it will become invisible and 100% reliable. Obviously we are some way off from that point at the moment. A recent survey on current awareness of cyber security issues and technologies demonstrates just how far. In March this year, the Washington based Pew Research Center […]

Hello computer, are you secure?

When Amazon unveiled its little Echo Dot device in 2015, it ushered in the kind of paradigm shift in computing not seen for decades. Suddenly you could get things done just by asking. No mouse, keyboard or screen – no wires! Spend any length of time with one of these wonders (now copied by both […]

The problem with DevOps is the worse problem with Secure DevOps

If you’ve been involved in IT for a while you have been aware of the term DevOps; you may even have such a group in your own organisation. Recently, a new term has been coined, that of Secure DevOps or SecDevOps and it has joined the IT security landscape. Both are somewhat misleading terms. DevOps […]

Is it time to realign, or even retire the role of the CISO?

For some time we have accepted that effective business security, data privacy and compliance requires a Chief Information Security Officer to act as the lynchpin between the IT security functions and the company board. It was the CISO that ensured that security was a “boardroom issue”, and this mantra has stuck. The concept started in […]

Why is cyber security so hard?

As we have noted before in our blogs, the cyber security skills shortage remains an enduring problem despite efforts by government and academia to address the issue with extra money and university training. If anything, the gap between supply and demand is widening further just as threat levels increase and compliance becomes more pressing for […]

Our digital society still needs to be protected by humans

Go to any major airport in the world and you will see the reassuring presence of the air traffic control tower in the distance. Inside will be the highly trained people we all put our trust in, surveying in 360 degrees everything happening out in the skies and on the ground. However, at London City […]

The people attacking your business couldn’t be better organised

We’ve said previously in our blogs that after an attack perhaps the last thing you worry about is who was behind the crime. Once it has happened most organisations worry about damage limitation than the unlikely prosecution of those responsible. One reason why cyber crime is so attractive to organised criminal groups (OCG) is they […]

Making the right MSSP choice is harder now but choosing well can pay dividends

This week sees the launch of a new piece of research sponsored by Reliance ascn and undertaken for us by the leading European IT research firm PAC-CXP. The study, “Managing Security in the Digital Era”, was conducted in February this year across the UK, France, Germany, Nordics, Ireland and Netherlands. Just over 200 senior IT […]

The problem with bug bounty programs is that they are quite buggy

So called bug bounty programs have become popular in recent years with many tech giants paying hackers – in some cases quite well – to find previously unknown vulnerabilities in their software and applications. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others are increasingly willing to reward those who can find vulnerabilities before criminal hackers do. It’s not […]